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Ethan Group offers a high-quality, highly reliable, rich media conferencing service that connects people simply and effectively. Our Ethoria™ cloud unified communications service integrates voice-, video- and webconferencing to create a powerful communications tool to share ideas. With Ethoria, users can have a web meeting with one person or one hundred – all from their own computer.

Engaging interface
With Ethoria’s engaging user interface, users can see other meeting participants on their screen, click on their profiles to discover more about their roles and professional details, and send instant messages to them directly.

Robust network and data recording
Ethoria is supported by a world-leading content delivery network, ensuring meetings always run seamlessly across time zones and around the world. Ethoria’s servers are hosted in robust, secure data centres and archive all company data and meeting documents for future review. Users can play back entire meetings at their convenience. This feature also serves as an audit tool, to meet with company compliance and reporting requirements.

Social media interface
Ethoria presents a professional yet friendly networking approach, combining interfaces that resemble Skype messaging and Facebook profiling and identification. Ethoria enables users to save and build upon their meeting profiles and session data. Participants gain a strong sense of presence and engagement in meetings.

Options for listed companies
Ethoria’s optional ‘formal meeting’ mode makes it a perfect application for any publicly listed organisation. A future release of Ethoria will feature real-time voting functionality.

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Ethoria™ cloud unified communications

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"Previously, we were relying on multiple suppliers to solve network communication, telephony system and mobility related issues. The arrangements we have in place now are far more elegant and easy to manage, with Ethan being the single party for our services giving us the right level of accountability and support."

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