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Primary Issue Confronting Many Cultural Agencies

All tape-based formats created in the 20th century are now obsolete. Tape that is not digitised by 2025, we risk losing forever. This creates a deadline, and a dilemma, for those entrusted with the care of these precious memories. At current rates of investment in digitisation, only about 30% of magnetic tape can be saved in time, meaning tens of thousands of hours will be lost to future generations. Considerable resources are required to ensure all surviving tape-based media is digitised and managed for long-term digital storage and access. Without this work, we will lose a significant part of Australia’s public memory, currently threatened by magnetic tape obsolescence.
-Australian National Film and Sound Archive 2015
Deadline 2025

Project Janus

“Enabling a paradigm shift in the sustainable preservation of Australia’s cultural heritage”
  • Acquisition
  • Preservation
  • Access
Project Janus is a private cloud that uses industry best practices to store and protect digital audiovisual collections. It’s a very simple pricing model that has no ingress or egress costs. With Project Janus, multiple copies of content can be stored across diverse locations using a disc and/or tape. It includes disaster recovery for collections stored on-premise. It has high-speed uncontested network connectivity from client/agency to content. Project Janus monitors outsourced preservation workflows and quality check/approve the outcomes of these workflows from your desk. In addition, it reduces the time and resources required to realise outsourced preservation outcomes into the national and private collections. Simply, it’s a controlled environment for the delivery of digital acquisitions. It has easy access to other cloud services, where users can share content and expertise between agencies/clients; plus, immediate access to low-resolution videos, audios, images and supporting documents.

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