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Work From Home Securely
90 Day Free Trial

Work from Home Offer

Ethan and Cisco are offering a free 90-day Webex trial* and staging service**!
With significant changes to your daily operations, Ethan is ready to help support your remote workforce securely; the very same way we currently are doing for many businesses throughout Australia.

We will get you connected to the office and we'll also ensure your employees are working securely from home!

3 Key Elements

To help empower your teams to stay connected, share information and reach your network anywhere, across multiple devices - we see employee collaboration and productivity in 3 Key Elements and this is how Ethan addresses them:

What's in the Free 90 Day Work From Home Bundle?

  • Full-featured HD video meetings, content sharing, recording
  • Unlimited meeting and webinars with up to 1000 participants
  • Toll-Dial and VoIP Audio
  • Desktop or mobile app experience
  • Analytics and Troubleshooting dashboard
  • 90 day duration
  • New tenant provisioning (initial control hub setup and creation of customer's admin user)
  • WebEx Control hub basic admin training
  • WebEx Meeting basic training

Work From Home Offer

Want to know how Ethan can help securely liberate your team whilst working from home?